How to make a randomized door opener (🟩)

It’s more of the patience, creativity, and commitment.



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sort of


Please do I feel like I did two months ago just learning about concat

Farmers quest was truely made with basic mechanics, but sometimes, advanced ones, like merchant system and farming (according to me imo), but it was a successful game, with an actual 99% memory game.

Should I make a guide for a concatenator function?

There already is one, but maybe you could explain more clearly.

Like just post a guide to have like a block that accepts any property name and broadcast on the concatenated channel.

Merchant is just loot tables → popups its not really that hard.

What do you mean merchant

i get it was basic mechanics, but it probably took you a long time, and not that many people have that much patience
edit: wait how long did it take you???

Random deals that make items cheaper every 2 minutes.

I was thinking about it for a few days, then it only took me like 20 min.

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They were talking to Mysz about their game Farmer’s Quest.

Sure! I’m almost done with my graphing calculator guide, so I’ll do that after I finish.

nvm djdjsbhfjfjeudjdjejdjfjf

Translation: I have no clue mysz.

no i was gonna but blackhole is making one awts gege