Barrier Art Collection

This is a ultimate guide to barrier art. As you can see its a wiki so yeah…Made it so that I can
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What is barrier art

Barrier art is art made up with barriers from the device section. You can use them creatively to make things such as Rudolph like this:

Sponge Bob

So first you get a yellow square barrier like this:
Next, add a brown rectangle under the square like this:
Then add two small white circles and two small black circles inside of them like this:
After that, layer your two circles above the square barrier and then add tiny circles underneath the layer of the square like this:
And adding on to the picture above, add three barriers (black and rectangle) in a trapezoid line like above.
Next, add two yellow rectangle barriers and two black barriers underneath it like this:
Finally add two rectangular barriers like this and two black circles on the edge like this:


It acts funny when I try to add the words, so I’ll just put a link to the guide: :+1:
Baldi's Basics Guides--- How To Make Baldi! [Difficulty: ⬜]

battle cat

in honor of haiasi


How to make the ghostbusters cadilac



You can’t just rely on the community to edit your wiki there is nothing there. Maybe include how to make barrier art?


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You should’ve made that part before you published the guide


wouldn’t this be a tug because its “ultimate guide”?

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The Ultimate Guide is what tug stands for


The Ultimate Guide… OH okayy. Got it Thank you :slight_smile:


hey the hacker,
I will make a guide on how to make karl with barrier art
and maybe you can add it here?

I wouldn’t suggest making karl as an entire guide, I made that mistake with @Haiasi before and it got flagged, so maybe just add it to another guide


yeah, @GimSolver is right. i’m a sucker for barrier art, however it should be used for things that people will actually add to their maps, or useful things.
@Kat_aronii maybe you could still make karl, but in actual cat form. (what i mean is making a cat with barrier art, (people could use that) but making it look like karl for the example.)


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Congrats on gettng REGUALAR!!

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Thank you… and yes it is…I have to get used to this wiki stuff…


can i add my godzilla barrier pixel art here?
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Tell me about it! I’ve forgotten to make three topics on wikis already!
Yes, congratulations, and I like this! Can I add a guide?
(Not just a guide, a baldis-basics guide! :straight_ruler:)

umm with wikis you can edit infinitely.

oh cool then its not a worry

SpongeBob don’t look like SpongeBob…

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i agree that he looks to green

for regular level peoples eyes only

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