The Propsian Guide To Fun Things to Add To Your Platformers [wip]

My first guide in A WHILE. Decided to do platformers since its a pretty easy topic. Finally getting back into the swing of things!

Item Images + Barriers

It’s pretty simple and broadens the scope of usable “props”. Super fun! Just place down an item image and fit a barrier to it. Make sure you turn off the visibility on the barrier.

Special Designs

Arranging props makes your map more interesting and harder to beat! Here are some of mine:
And some guides on others:
Creepy Friends To Scare Your Friends
How to make a capybara using barriers! ⬜ 0/10
(Really just search up the art tag)

Barrier Art

You can make so many things with barrier art.
There are endless possibilities!

Speedy_kd4's collection of animal barrier art!

Barrier Art Collection

Prop Art

Just use this guide:
Cool Ways to Use Props [Dificulty ⬜ or 0/10]
I’m too lazy hehe

Hard Jumps

(Tips on making your platformer more hard and better!)
Other Ideas:

Innovative Jumps

From @Txme_Lxss
You can give the player a game overlay, aka their “controller”
you can swap red and blue colors. Basically, if it’s on red mode, only red barriers appear. Blue, yeah you get it.
Making a guide on it

That’s it for now! I’ll add more over the weeks.
Thanks for reading and leave a like if you, well, liked it! :heart:

P.S. Do you guys like the “Propsian” thing? Or should I change it? Ty :slight_smile:



It sounds good to me
This is creative might be useful in my games


Nice guide! Have there been any like this?

I dont understand the propsian thing so I think you should change it. Great guide tho! Kind of short and would like a more pictures :smiley:

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You may find this useful for the hard jumps section: Tips on making your platformer more hard and better!


This is pretty nice!

There might be other guides like this- so you might wanna be careful.

Also I feel like Propsian is good, another alternative could also be propian.


I think so…? But most of those stay on one specific part of a map.

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A lot of people have been adding “-ian” to the end of their names for funsies hehe! Ex. VoidFluffian, Blizzian, etc.


Makes sense lol! Thanks for the info! :smiley:


Very off topic but what do you think about MarkTheSharkian101? Just curious lol!

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It’s fine


Phew thanks didn’t want to get banned lol!

I like it, maybe just remove the 101? But let’s get back on-topic.

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Um you don’t get banned for saying MarkTheSharkian101


Yeah, like it’s a bit off a bizarre thing. Either you get it instantly or you don’t. It’s like a phenomenon lol.

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wait what really *bunch of sarcasm" dw I know I just wanted to make sure

For the innovative jumps, (inspired by flipswitch factory) you can give the player a game overlay, aka their “controller”

you can swap red and blue colors. Basically, if it’s on red mode, only red barriers appear. Blue, yeah you get it.

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Ooh I like it, mind if I add it into the guide? I would credit you, obv.
like this if yes

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I just realized how long the credit chain is lol:

Zejoant: Original idea
TJGimkitThing: Gimkit version of Zejoant’s level
Txme_Lxss: Recommendation of TJ’s map

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Its good!

what would you change it to? I want to see the options… lol

what did I do? you welcome…?