Among Us Map - ideas & and questions!

I’ve been working on this Among Us map since last week. I have a cafeteria, medbay, security, and more is coming! I’ve already made it so that there can be imposters, and many more aspects of the real Among Us. Do you all have any ideas that could improve it? Things like voting, dead bodies, anything?

may I help? I would love to see the map

Welcome to the forum, @j0963! I hope you like it here!

How about you take some screenshots of what you have right now, so we can take a look at what work you’ve put in?

These guides may help you:

Voting systems:


For a complete overview, look here:

Just so you know, join codes aren’t allowed on this forum. You can post them on the wix or discord, though.


Welcome to the forum! Is there anything that you’re struggling on finding out how to do or making?


Welcome to the forums, @j0963! I hope your among us map is going well! Maybe if you don’t already, you could add a task bar. Hope this helps!

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@j0963 is actually my friend! I’ve been helping him with his map, but he is unable to take screenshots, so I thought I might help him! Here’s medbay, admin, and the cafeteria so far. Thank you all so much for the guides you have helped us with!


Maybe for the voting you could add a popup, then call to action buttons, then the player could press the one coresponding to the certain player. Good luck, luck though.

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Hey, @j0963, welcome to the community!

The guides linked above should help :slight_smile:

Also, the among-us tag is used for among-us Community Made Guides , not Help posts :slight_smile:


btw, your topic name says ideas and and questions

& means and

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Welcome to the community @j0963.

@Magenta_Dragon Thats not even my real name

Guys, this topic is pretty unnecessary, just talk on the Among Us full guide made by @Haiasi.

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Okay, two things:

  1. Welcome to the forum! Make sure to check out the beginner-must-read and new-user-must-read tags.
  2. When a player gets knocked out, you might be able to make them drop a seed by making it so the players have a seed in their inventory at the start of the game.
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Wouldn’t this break the game and trigger the Emergency Meeting on Game Start?

I think so…

I’m going to try to figure out if there is a way to do it
The original idea was made by @VoidFluffy and (I think) @TheCentaursHoof, so I don’t know all the devices/settings used.

@F1R3F0X No you said where you live. I’m saying you should remove that for your safety so people don’t dox you.

Now lets get back on-topic

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Basically, I made it so that when a player is knocked out, they drop a seed/something, and when another GimPeep sees it, they can press the overlay button “report body” (etc etc)


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