Agent of the Month Board and Raffle (Difficulty: 🟧)

Hello! this is my first real guide since the chat guides, so I am welcome to feedback! :smile:

What are we building today?

I am going to answer a well-known block code question, How do you make the random Agent of the Month board? I am making this guide because the other guide didn’t really answer my question, it just put it as you. By the way, you can use this for other things, like raffle winners, which I will also show.

Agent of the Month Board
What you will need

1 x Lifecycle
1 x Relay
3 x Text
1 x Blackboard (Wide)

How to make it

First, get the lifecycle and set it on game start transmit on (channel)

Next, get the relay settings to something like this:

3rd, decorate the blackboard and texts like this:
Screenshot 2024-05-05 at 6.12.07 PM

Lastly, go into the block coding of the middle text and put this:
Screenshot 2024-05-05 at 6.13.09 PM
on what channel
Screenshot 2024-05-05 at 6.13.22 PM
The code

What you will need

1 x Relay
1 x Popup
1 x Vending Machine
1 x Button
1 x Team Switcher
1 x Timer

How to make it

First make the timer so when it is done counting down, then it brodcasts on (activate button)

Next, add a button with these settings:

Then, add a vending machine with these settings and make it not visible in game, and transmit on channel (vendpt), not grant item:

Next, add a relay on these settings:

Next add a team switcher:

Lastly add a popup:

Screenshot 2024-05-05 at 6.27.11 PM
Screenshot 2024-05-05 at 6.27.20 PM

And you’re done! Thank you so much for listening! Maybe you might see the board in the new game! (Coming on Wednesday!)

Over and out,

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Cool guide, what chat guides?

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The Ultimate Chat System Guide
The Ultimate Guide of Chat! (WIP)

I did the first one on halloween lol
someone will creep up your back

nice! this seems pretty cool, although there have already been multiple guides on the agent of the month stuff, you seem to explain it better

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Only one. The others are help topics, but this also serves multiple purposes. I made this in mind for those who have 1% to 0 understanding compared to me. Thanks!
And the other guide isn’t random. It is just you.

never said it was random…

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I mean that it just goes to player.
It should be random.

Interesting, nicely done

nice first real guide
@Kosm0-o it got delete :[ doing my best to remake one


since like december?


Ooo Cool guide! I like it. Cheese stamp of approval :cheese:


Nice guide! I’m surprised a raffle hasn’t been made yet!

for hacker → @THEHACKER120 what happened to gcp?

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it has now!

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Nice guide :+1:
For Kosm0-o @Kosm0-o hacker deleted his padlet account so the gcp no longer exists


BUMPed into the black board

Screenshot 2024-05-13 10.43.46 AM
Screenshot 2024-05-13 10.46.31 AM

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I am working on it right now.

I bumped into the board and submitted my raffle on accident.