What else should i add to a living room?

Currently it’s like this:
But i don’t like it - it needs more decoration. Any ideas?

maybe move the chairs closer together? and make the entrance closer

Maybe add flower pots, replace the table in the middle of the chairs with a wooden one, and add more potted plants


A lot of people use the arcade game prop.

Maybe some bookshelves?


Maybe to add to a living room, you can make a sort of carpet to add some spice. No offence, it does look kinda plain so maybe you can use a table, and make a record player! You use the cutting board, plate, and space trash to make it. Put the plate above the board, and you make the space trash look like it is on the side. You can use a table on the side, and put a drink like so: :cocktail: on to the table to look like someone left it there. Also like what @Green_Fox98 said, bookshelves would be awesome. And, add codex to the floor and some papers to look like they were left or ripped out of the thing. Add the flower pots to a table, to give it a vibe. Lastly, you can also add food to the table, and put a fork if you want to make it look like the children ate in the living room, and didn’t bring there food plates into the sink, even though they were supposed to.:shushing_face:

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maybe put the tv on some sort of stand. also, add a carpet using barriers. here’s an example.

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Man that carpet looks AWESOME. I never thought to make one like that. :thinking:

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I’m kinda too lazy to read all that… some summary please?

And also, @speedy_kd4 I added the carpet, but it’s grass. It looks realistic though.

What else should i add? I add some text for the TV, but what should i add? Things on the coffee table, or something else?

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Summarize it? okok gimme a little I can summarize it later.

yeah, maybe add some little toys or knickknacks on the coffee table, similar to what @gimmaster12345 did here for their cozy cottage:
Screenshot 2024-03-02 10.52.58 PM
(on the fireplace.)


Add somthing for the tv to be on.

I did.

Make it 3D

add a coffee mug on the table in the middle of the couch setup
makes it look like people are actually living in it

You like analog horror? Virtual high five

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maybe some stuff on the table?
like some food or something.