How to make very 3D buildings!

Okay, to start, this needs a lot of layering. Also, if there is a guide on this, I didn’t know because I didn’t credit it, so tell me if there is a guide on this already. I should start now…

The base

First, we need a base for the building, whatever you want.

That’s it

walls step 1

Next, we need a wall for our building. DO NOT USE A PRE-MADE WALL IN THE TERRAIN SECTION! Open up PROPS and get a stone barrier, place it around the floor of your building. But leave a hole for the door.

That is it for the wall step 1

wall step 2

Okay, we have a stone wall, but its not very 3D, so we will make it better. Place a stone barrier down, Turn off it’s shadow.

Now, layer it so it’s above the stone wall you made in the last step. Then, place it on the stone wall you made in the last step.

Repeat that so the whole wall is double layered. But make sure you double layer all the walls because then it won’t look like this:
Screenshot 2023-12-10 9.10.21 AM
Your end result should look like this:

Bounus thing

Once you finished the guide, you can do this bounus! First, you place a tall blackboard in the area you made the door:
Screenshot 2023-12-10 9.17.46 AM
Next, make a trigger at the front and back of the door that hide it, make them both trigger another trigger with a delay of 3 seconds, that trigger shows the blackboard.
That’s all I have to say!

I hope you enjoyed this guide, as it was very annoying to make.
Also, if you want, you can add another layer to the walls! You can also use this guide to improve it: How to make roofing hide when you get close to it! (Simular to Zombs Royale)


It’s done!


I think there’s a guide similar somewhere, can’t remember what it’s called
But anyways, nice guide!


thanks @PotionMaster!

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Nice guide @gimmaster12345!

thanks @Yeetmanplaz!

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Nice guide, @gimmaster12345! You could improve it with this guide:

true, I’ll add that

Nice guide! I made a fireplace using this kind of strategy.


I saw the fireplace guide, did you use my stacked stone barrier idea for it?

My fireplace was an idea from a while back, I just decided to make it but i’ll credit you


Cool guide! The walls are noice!

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BUMP, I added the art tag as this is just art

Cool Guide. BUMP

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Mine looks more like this…

Okay, is this a question about the guide? Welcome to the community @ehuffman!
Screenshot 2024-03-11 3.52.44 PM

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