How to make a WHOLE house! (Few things here ACTUALLY WORK!) 2/10 or 🟩

I thought that this would be an AMAZING guide to make! So, here are the places I will be making.
Making the house:
The house I am using for this is ENORMUS. So, here are the images of the house’s shape:

Dining room

first, you start by adding the props to the room, in photo 1: The room I ( Leo ) am standing in. Add a wooden table, wooden chairs, a potted plant, flower pot, and use my other guide to make a carpet.
How to make a multi-coloured carpet ( Difficulty: 1/10 or 🟦 )
First, place the chair and the table in the top left corner, and use a carpet nearby like this:

( Ignore the little square )
Add the flower pot to the table to give it a nice effect. * If you want to use other props like bread to give it dinner vibes, that’s fine too. Add the pot in the top right corner, and if you have any ideas on what props to use, GIVE THEM TO ME!! I need them :slight_smile:
In the end, it should look similar to this:


SO, I looked back at the pictures that I had posted, and then I realized, there’s no space for the bedroom! So, all I did was add a new space when you walk into the dining room, now this is what it looks like:

props: Medivaled bed, table (Mine is black ), laptop, candle, bookshelf, table, laptop, office chair, and an office plant. ( Any of your choice ). place two beds next to each other in the top left corner, and a desk, office chair, and laptop, in the top right. should look like this:

then, add a bookshelf in between the potted plant and the beds. Add a candle to the above layer, and place it on the table. Copy and paste another candle next to the one just placed, then escalate it a little bigger than the other. In the end, it should look like this:

And then, there you have it! A bedroom!


Thanks to @TryEverything, I was able to use his guide! Thanks @TryEverything!
Functioning Kitchen Utilities! (Editing time limit ran out)
and this is how the beautiful results turned out! YAYY! Here it is:

( This is my best friend Plutonium27. He helped me out, but I haven’t told him about the forums yet. )
as you can see, he made it to where if you click a button, from the fridge, it gives you fruit! He also made it so that you can collect a key to what he likes to call a counter. ( and he added bacon into the frying pan, to make it look like he was frying bacon :slight_smile: )
Thanks to my friend Plutonium27, he made this room possible. Shoutout to him in the comment section!


This one is easier.
My friend decided to make a custom carpet with emojis and text.
You need the same sink that you did in the kitchen and a barrier. ( To make a sort of mirror. )
place the sink near the opening of the room, and add the mirror to look like it’s on top of the sink. Add the toilet emoji and the carpet near the far left of the room. In the end, it should look like this:

When I took the picture, the gim’s eyes were closed. :slight_smile:

Living room & Hallway

I combined these two because I figured that the hallway would be quite easy. :expressionless:
Hallway: First, when going down the hall, I recommend deleting some terrain of the wood used. ( To make a sort of " Red carpet look ". ) Sorta like this:

Add a potted plant in the corner. Then, other than that… I think you are done. :slight_smile:
Living room: First, you add 2 couches, ( of your choice ).
Then, you add a TV ( Television ), to make it face the couch. Make it look similar to this:

Add some office plants and a table to the other side of the room. Add a potted plant onto the table ( You can adjust this by seeing the layering.)
Add two full bookshelves to the side with the tables on them. The end should look like this:

Thank you for viewing! ( That is, of course, if you did :expressionless: )

New edition: Credits!

These are some of the people that I am giving credit to, that gave me the motivation in the first place:

End product:

There is the end results!


Nice guide so far. Remember to finish it!

Finished the bedroom! Tomorrow, I’m doing the kitchen!

Why is this guide 6/10? It should be like 0/10, 1/10 or 2/10? Also nice guide!

Maybe make somethings in the bedroom interactible

some things in the kitchen and bathroom will work, and its really big.

nice guide! don’t forget camera views!

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Finish the kitchen thanks to my friend Plutonium27!

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You didn’t add a room yesterday, cool guide though

Finished the bathroom! Lastly, I have the living room and the hallway to do!

Um this guide is 1/10 MAYBE 2/10

But nice guide. Does the sink work?

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No, the sink doesn’t work. I tried to make it so that if the people stepped in a certain zone near the sink, the text would show that there were bubbles in the sink. But, turns out, it didn’t work, and I’ve tried multiple times.

Weird…. Have you looked at my kitchen guide? Maybe you could try to make it like the one in there. I have no idea why that would not work… Make sure layering is right? I have no clue….

Yeah, might as well just use the kitchen utilities guide that you made for the sink. Though, I have no idea why the text wouldn’t do what I wanted?

Could you send a screenshot of the mechanics for me to see?

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Yeah just one second, I’ll go get them.

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Here is what I was doing:

Screenshot 2024-01-16 9.16.45 PM
Screenshot 2024-01-16 9.15.57 PM

What part is not working? Is it appearing at all?

Yeah, when I tested it, it was still hidden. ( Guess you can say, all of it does not work. :frowning: )

Finished with the guide! I hope you guys like it? :slight_smile: