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How to get a guy from they spawn in to the actual game.

What? Be more specific…

Nevermind. I gtg to bed.

From spawn? Are you talking about a pregame lobby or a spawn point in the game?

Just a questions, when did this long “welcome to the forums” exist? I don’t remember it being like this when I joined last year.


I think it’s pretty recent, I saw Caternaught people do it so I just hopped on the bandwagon

Oh. I honestly prefer the nice and short “Welcome to the forums ___” tho.


Whatever’s fine with you, sure!

Yeah now basically everybody has their own copypasta to welcome someone

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if you don’t understand any mechanics, maybe these guides can help you?

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Umm this is the most interesting first post from a user…
Welcome to the forums @Mr.Nibbler

Hey thanks for dropping by this forum. I am not sure if you will stay a while or not but I’m sure you have great things to contribute. Just remember to use the search bar.


Welcome To The Forums! Where You Learn Stuff and ask for help and you just here to write guides(if you know much about Gimkit creative) i recommend reading the rules so you won’t be flagged The Ultimate Guide to GKC and Gimkit (For beginners)

So, have a teleporter on one side of the spawn; make the group spawn, and the target group Team 1 or something.
Have a teleporter on the side that the player will be teleported to. Make the group Team 1 or whatever the first teleporter was meant to be teleported to.

Screenshot 2024-03-06 07.29.40

Then, line the teleporters up, like this.

chucking a paragraph of a load of words doesn’t help new users

learned that from experience cause I’m the one who started it (and its still the same words…)

Welcome to the forums!


Hi, welcome to the forums! Here’s a guide with some info about them:

WELCOME WELCOME!!! sorry i cant give u my speech…

why? also this is a bit off-topic, like the description of the post.

Alright, can we just close the post and stop linking your own guides.
Its gotten off topic like @WolfTechnology said

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