Understanding the Forum


Well, welcome @Mr.Nibbler.

@Caternaught – a new comer

Welcome to the underground forums @Mr.Nibbler

How was the fall?

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Hi Scout_Sniper bruhhhhh!

Hi? Check this out for help! Community Made Guides!

So, what exactly do you not understand?

@Mr.Nibbler welcome to the forums! were glad to have you here!

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Everything. How to make the game and all.

Depends. What kind of game are you making?

I am making a red vs blue game.

Could you be a bit more specific?

What mechanics do you want?

Ok. What part of it do you need help with?

Welcome to the forums, @Mr.Nibbler ! Been a while since I’ve welcomed someone…


Honestly, my first time. But I do know that the forums are crumbling, so maybe that’s why…

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How to get a guy from they spawn in to the actual game.

What? Be more specific…

Nevermind. I gtg to bed.

From spawn? Are you talking about a pregame lobby or a spawn point in the game?