The Guide on Using Player IDs

This guide will teach you how to use player IDs. You will need to first build the voting menu, finding the next player’s name, and resetting player ids parts of this guide:


The concept that this uses is to use player ids to iterate through the server. Since we don’t want other people interfering with our popup, it uses a few bypass properties:

Receiving for new player
In Queue
Is somebody using

The first one checks if the person wants to change their current player. The second one checks if the person is waiting. The 3rd one checks if the somebody is using it, or if the player has to wait.

So how do we make the computer do stuff to the selected player? So we input the desired player ID to a global variable, and a trigger checks if the player’s id is the same one as the global property. And from there, you can do whatever you want.

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