The Getrithekd Ecosystem

Ok. I have been thinking for a bit, and it feels like there’s a bunch of concepts that only I use in guides. I might be wrong, but here they are:

  1. Player IDs
    These are the building blocks of all my advanced guides. Player IDs allow for the player to choose another player to interact with (without meeting face to face in the game). Here is the guide on that:
  1. Pseudo Properties
    These are used outside my guides (and never used in my guides), but I just have a feeling they should be in here. These can help you cut down on properties and also help you with other things, like @ClicClac’s gimkart.
    Here’s a few guides on those:

and maybe

  1. Scope Stream
    This is probably the most used of my concepts, but I can’t get a good bearing on it because there haven’t been any very advanced guides recently that I know of that has used this. Well, here it is. We can think as the global scope being the sum of all the player scopes, so if there are 2 players, then Jim’s and Bob’s scopes combined are the global scopes. Look at the guide for more details:

Wow! You might want to add the concept tag to it.

Ok. I’ll do that.


I might force myself to start using some of these…

Update: bug fixing sucks. Join order and host priority combined with confusing scope makes for a nightmare.

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