The best way to build a tag map

the best way to build a tag map

Try this - Cameron's Guide to Regular Tag!

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That guide is for normal tag. If you want to learn how to make Tag Domination, look in tag-domination .


Try:How to make Switch Tag! [2/10 🟩]
How to make a freeze tag system! Difficulty: 🟧
and [ 📰 Resources ] Resources for Tag Domination

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I used someof these to make my tag map

Hey @XxGuyt6517xX , do you remember me? From the other chat that I started? Can you please go to another chat titled: I need ideas for a Halloween carnival map?

Hm–no offense, @Alpha, and sorry if this sounds mean, but you’re kind of stalking him. If they want to help, they can help them. You can’t make anyone help you.

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Ok, but do you want to help? On my other chat?