How to make Switch Tag! [2/10 🟩]

This tutorial is about switch tag!

First, Build your awesome map with restricted spawn-point for each team and lets get started!
Second, Make your players split into 2 teams, Taggers/Seekers and Hiders/Runners.

Step 1 : Notifications

Start Off by adding a life-cycle ,relay and, a popup. this is for when the game starts the Taggers and Hiders get a popup on which team they are on so they are not confused if they are tagging or hiding.
Screenshot 2023-12-18 2.44.34 PM
Time to start the first wire! it will be quick don’t worry,
Life-cycle (When Event Occurs) ----------> Relay (Trigger Relay)

Next wire,
Relay (Relay Triggered) -------> Popup (Open popup)

Go to your Relay and select the tagging team so the relay knows what team to send the popup to.

Go to your popup and edit the text to whatever team the relay is sending it to. (Ex. Team 1 is Taggers Select relay as everyone in a specific team.)

Repeat the same steps but for the hiding/runners team. So that means changing the Desc and Heading of the popup to Hiders and changing the relay to the hiders team. (Ex. Team 2 is Hiders)
Screenshot 2023-12-18 2.49.15 PM

Step 2 :Tagging

Time for the tagging Frenzy!
Place down a tag zone and edit the team who is tagging. (Ex.Team 1 is taggers select team 1 is tagging.) Now taggers can actually tag!

This is the switch tag part! Place down a team switcher and select the tagging team and you will see why in a second.
Time for the switch part! This wiring makes it so when someone is tagged by a tagger they become a tagger now!
Tag Zone (Player gets tagged by someone else) -----> Team Switcher (Switch Player to team)

This is what you should have and place down another team switcher and select it and change the configured team to the hiders team.
Screenshot 2023-12-18 2.53.15 PM
Now for the Tagger to change into a hider! By wiring this makes it happen!
Tag Zone (Player tags someone) -----> Team Switcher (Switch player to configured team)

Now, when someone tags someone they swap teams! but, they will keep switching because they are tagging them to much (Ex. Player 1 Tags Player 2 then a milisecond later Player 2 Tags Player 1 and will keep repeating correct me if i’m wrong lol) So this wiring will help
Tag Zone (When Player tags someone) ----> Re-spawn (Re-spawn Player) then,
Tag Zone (When player gets tagged) —> Re-spawn (Re-spawn Player)

After Reading these 2 steps you are finally good to go try it out and have fun with your friends!


Nice guide!


Nice guide!

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Nice guide! This sounds kind of like the original way to play Tag Domination before they made it easier!

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