Shinyrowlet's Art Guides (#1)

Hello and welcome to all of my art guides! This will be a quick and easy way to access all of them. Enjoy!
(I was forced to do this :frowning: [not really, but @Cameron_Sharer in this: :loudspeaker: PSA!- Compile art guides said I should])

How to make a cursed penguin:
How to make a Penguin! (Difficulty 0/10 or :white_large_square: )

How to make the Raising Cane’s Logo:
How to make Raising Cane’s logo! (Difficulty 0/10 or :white_large_square: )

How to make @PotionMaster:
How to make @PotionMaster’s Profile Picture! (Difficulty 0/10 or :white_large_square:)

How to make a boat:
How to make a Boat (:white_large_square:)


Nice! @shinyrowlet !!!

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you could’ve just put the boat idea here???
(From this guide)

wdym? I’m only putting finished products on here.

However, it would reduce the amount of repeated guides.

wdym by repeated guides?

Fancy phoenix talk for clutter.

Oh, okay. Clutter is bad, and as a TL2, I should not be making clutter! (I’m TL2 now :sunglasses:)


However, these guides will still be open, this is just like a lobby, and you can go into different rooms. (the rooms are the guides, the lobby is this)

noice :+1:

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Just did!:sunglasses:

I’m just wondering, which of my art guides has been most useful?

  • Penguin
  • Raising Cane’s
  • PotionMaster (where is he?)
  • Boat
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I BUMPed into shinyrowlets artwork-mb!

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