How to make a Boat (⬜)

Hello and welcome to my, uh, 4th guide? Wow! Time really does fly-by! :flying_disc: (get it? flying, flying disc?) Well anyway, in today’s guide you will learn to make a boat!
Credit to @NavyCatZ and @LxmasHaxTakis for giving me the idea.

Step 0: What it'll look like

Step 1: First floor

Get a barrier, make it blue and wide. Get more barriers, make it a tiny square and cyan. Add a small rectangle and make it brown. It will look like this so far:
Boat 2

Step 2: Second floor

Copy first floor but make it smaller. Oh, and also make the actual floor white. It will look like this:
Boat 3

Step 3a: Sail

If you want a motor boat, go to "Step 3b: Motor. If you want a sail, stick here. Add a big, long stick on the top of the second floor and center it. Then copy the second floor floor and make it smaller. Do that 3 times, just copy the one you did earlier. It will look like this:

Step 3b: Motor

You came to the right place if you want a motor boat. Copy the window, make it gray and put it at the rear right of the first floor. I don’t think I need to show you a picture because it’s very, very simple.

Congrats! :tada: You did it! It should look like either one of these, or both:

Now, bye until next time! :wave:


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I know. That’s why I made it. I saw @LxmasHaxTakis complaing about it somewhere, so I said,“I got you bro!”. Now there’s this!

I really like it! Small suggestion, you should make the barriers have an opacity of 1 so the boat doesn’t look transparent.

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