Security Cameras See post 75

This guide will help you make a security camera room.

This approach teleports players to the room the “security camera” is in. It hides the person behind a prop, and uses camera view to help the player see the room.

This guide only supports rooms that about the size of the screen the person is playing on.


First, make the security camera room. Place a hidden button that says “Watch security camera”. To make it so that multiple people can’t be in the security camera room, then make the button transmit on a channel that deactivates it.

This part is to show who is currently using the security cameras. Wire the button to a text device. In the blocks for the text, make it display: Triggering Player’s Name + " is currently using the security camera." by using a convert to text block.

Now for the meaty part. In each room that there is a security camera, make a secret chamber blocked by walls, and hidden by a prop. It is best to put the prop down last. In the chamber, put a teleporter that teleports there when receiving on a channel like “Admin Room”.

To toggle between rooms, I’m using a circular toggle, or if toggle enough, you will end up back at the same spot. Decide on the order of your rooms.

Do you have it? Do you?

If yes, time to move on. Now make button overlays that show “Switch to [Room Name]”. Make it broadcast on the channel that teleports them to that room. Set them all to not be active on game start. Also, deactivate them all when receiving on “Close Overlays”.

This is important: make 2 of each overlay, 1 on the left, and one on the right. Make the one on the left activate when receiving on the room name to its right, and the one on the left activate when it receives on the room name to the right of it. Now, wire each overlay to a trigger that broadcasts on “Close Overlays” when clicked. The overlay itself should broadcast on its own room name when it is clicked.

Now make another overlay (also wired to the trigger broadcasting on “Close Overlays”) that says “Exit security camera” or something like that. This should broadcast on “Exit Security Camera”. Place a teleporter in the security camera room that teleports the player there when receiving on: “Exit Security Camera”.

Remember the button from 2 hours ago? Make that button transmit on a random room name.

To make it that somebody can’t hide in the security camera rooms, place down a zone on top of the button. The zone should transmit to a trigger. The trigger should check if the person is an impostor or not, however you choose to make your teams, using blocks. Next, the trigger should broadcast on a channel that activates an overlay saying “Teleport Player Back to Kill”. Also, make an item granter that grants bait when receiving on the room name that the teleporter first goes to.

The overlay should broadcast on a channel that triggers a relay, relaying to everybody on “E Exit Security Camera”. Make a checker that checks for bait when receiving on “E Exit Security Camera”. It should broadcast on “Exit Security Camera” if the check passes. Make another item granter that grants -1 bait when receiving on “Exit Security Camera”.

And that’s it! Let me know if there are any bugs in this, as I haven’t tested this!

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You should add screenshots to make the reader complete the guide & understand correctly.

Overall, nice guide!


Thanks! I really don’t know how to add screenshots in this… The stuff is all spread out too much.

Why did you rate it 11? There’s like no block code.

Believe yourself, even if there’s a problem.

It was a joke lmao

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Oh ok.

Nice guide, @getrithekd! Yeah, you should probably add pictures for new users.


Nice Guide @getrithekd.


Thanks. I really don’t know about how to incorporate pictures onto this, so can somebody help me with that? I’ll make sure to credit you!

(I’m really bad at explaining things)


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screen shot the phot you want and then click the little image logo above were you type a response or create a post then select the photo you want and boom, its done you have a photo.

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Would’ve came out half an hour earlier, but a paragraph wouldn’t save.

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Tell me about it, highschool puts a big toll on you.

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I don’t have school until September 5.

Also @getrithekd You could use popups or regular buttons. But I guess Overlays make moving easier

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