Security Cams Not Working

I need some help. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong with my security cameras! I’m using this guide by @getrithekd : Security Cameras (Difficulty 5/10 or :yellow_square:):
Here’s the video of what mine looks like:

Can somebody please tell me in the comments what I did wrong?


Have you tried looking through the steps again to make sure you did everything correctly? Errors can go unnoticed and repeating the steps to make sure is the best way to check if your camera has any errors.


I have looked through the instrux 5 times. Unless, for some reason, you must do the “optional” thing, (which would be false adveritising) I have not missed any of the rules.

For sure, if there is something wrong with mine and not the guide, it would be in all the game overlays. When I go to, say, the lab room cams, it won’t let me leave or go to the next camera. In fact, those overlays don’t even show up!

Well, the essence of this is to use overlays to teleport.

I know that in the guide, you tell us that when you press the overlay button, it should teleport you to that camera, but the tp isn’t the problem. When you PRESS said overlay, it doesn’t show any other overlays after that, and youre kinda stuck. I think it could be that because it is transmitting “Close Overlays” for EVERY overlay. Should I make it to where I only transmit it when I press “exit cams?” That might work

Ok im here, so whats wrong with your cams?

It won’t let me change cams after I change cams once, because it’s transmitting a channel that blocks you from changing. In the guide, though, it TELLS YOU that it SHOULD happen that way, and I’m wondering whether thats an error in the guide, or for some strange reason, it works that way and it’s something else.

Sorry, I’m terrible at explaining

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are you using different channels for each cam/teleporter?

Yes. (randomrandomrandom)

Use the symbols <> to hide you text on the forum, and ok.We should start from the beggining, so how many teleporters are there and how did you link one to another?

Let me read it again.

Ok. So make a relay that receives on each room name. Wire those to the overlays that should be activated. This should fix the AUO.

Have 1 TRIGGER that inputs “close overlays,” and ONLY connect it to the “Exit security cams” overlay. Also, wire each overlay in order of how you wanna toggle between cameras. Then, at the last one, wire it to the beginning overlay. Lastly, wire the button to the “exit cams” overlay. When button pressed - show overlay. Then, wire the security room teleporter to the same overlay. Player teleported here - hide overlay.
And there! If I would you, I would edit your guide.

Its been over a month, so I can’t edit it. Also, the solution that I posted should also work.

Also, when you are doing cams, make sure you are NOT holding items

Oh…oh, well! Thanks, guys! I’ll mark a solution now

The close overlays should just wipe the overlays clean so we can put what we want in. That channel should not take you out of the security cameras.

Oh…I’m an idiot… eh, at least my cams work now.