Scoring System Like in One Way Out

Okay, so I didn’t see a guide on this, so I thought I would be the first to make one on this topic…

I am going to be teaching everyone (or those who don’t know) how to make a scoring system like in One Way Out in Gimkit Creative! Yay!!!

Starting Materials

You will need 1 Property, 1 End of Game Widget, 1-10+ Sentries, and 1 Counter.

Step 1

We will start with the Property Device, because that is like the base of the scoring system…
The name really doesn’t matter, but it has to be number property to work. The default value should be 0. The scope should be player, if you want it to be exactly like One Way Out, but otherwise it just depends on your game. The other two options I would leave like default.

Step 2

The next step will be dealing with the End of Game Widget Device, which ties in with the Property. The type should be Statistic, the placement should be Primary, and the property should be the one from Step 1. The label can be anything (within reason), and the show to should be Everybody. The Activate Scope, Activate When, and Deactivate When should be on default.

Step 3

This step will be with the Sentry Device, assuming that you want to give the player score when they knock out a Monster/Enemy. I would go to all options, just to make this easier to understand since I am basing this off of all of the options. The first 13 options are totally up to you and your game theme or desires. Where it says “When Sentry is Knocked Out, Transmit On,” that should be a unique channel name like “Add Score” or “Enemy KO.” The last 3 options should be default, but again, only if you want to make it like One Way Out. If you want to keep the score consistent, then just copy the Sentry (unless you want to make different Sentries with different options), so you don’t have to keep setting the options, and so you don’t mess up. This way there is less flaws in your game design.

Step 4

This step is for the Counter Device. The counter will track when a Monster or an Enemy is knocked out, and it will also update a property, which will then update an end of game widget. For the same reason as Step 3, I would go to All Options, so you don’t get confused and keep on track. The starting value should be 0. The “Increment Counter When Receiving On” should be the channel that you put for when the sentry is knocked out in Step 3. It doesn’t matter if it is visible i game, but the scope should be player. Leave reset counter blank, but put yes for “Update Property.” Another option should pop up, which should be Property to Update, which you will put the property from Step 1. The last option is completely up to you.

Step 5

That’s it! Your End Game Scoring System is complete!!!

Hope you liked my guide. If there are any mistakes, or I messed something up (which I’m sure I did) please feel free to let me know!

Thanks! Good day!

Nice guide! But remember, pictures will always make a guide better!

OK. I will keep that in mind…

wait isn’t one way out based on knockouts?

Mhm! for a visual learner like me Pictures make a guide easier to understand and follow!


This guide is too.

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make sure to check if it already exists BEFORE you post

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