How do you make a leaderboard on sentry knockouts?

How do you make a leaderboard on Sentry knockouts?
I wanna make a leaderboard to track how many knockouts a specific player has (sentry knockouts.) Please Help :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Maybe read:

Set your leaderboard tracking a property. Let’s make it SentryElimination. (Make it player scoped too. Also make it a number.)

Place down a knockout manager that listens to sentries. Make it so when a sentry is knocked out, it increments a counter. Make the counter on player scope.

Next, go into the property settings of the counter, and make it so it links to the property, SentryElimination.

After that, test it in game and see if it works! Hopefully this helps! Also, welcome to the community! You can read the TOS and FAQ on the left by clicking more than FAQ!

edit: the hacker beat me to it :frowning: but on my screen I was first, oh well, lol. Who cares.


Welcome to the forums, @Dakshathegoat! Read the TOS and FAQ. Agreed with, Txme_Lxss. He basically explained what to do before I got to this post. This should also help;