How to Make a Leaderboard For Sentry Knockouts! [Difficulty: 🟧]

Hey! Want to make a leaderboard like this?

Well it’s pretty easy! Let me show you.

First, we need to detect sentry knockouts before we can put them on a leaderboard, so lets do that first!

Place down a Knockout Manager device, a Counter device, and a Property device.

First, open the Knockout Manager up and change the Knockout Target setting to “Sentry”.

Then, open up the Counter. Scroll down until you see Count Scope and set it to “player”. After that, go to the Property tab. Set Update Property to “Yes”, and name the property something like “sentryKnockouts”.

Lastly, open up the Property device. Set the Property Name to the same name you put in the Counter device (sentryKnockouts), the Property Type setting to “Number”, and the Property Scope to “player”.

That’s all the settings for now! Time for wiring.

Wire the Knockout Manager device to the Counter device. For the Knockout Manager, put “Target knocked out”, and for the Counter, put “Increment counter”. It should look like this:

Then, you have to-
oh your done.

Now that we can detect how many sentry knockouts a player has, now we can add it to the leaderboard!

Click the gear in the bottom left of your screen. Should look like this:

Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 10.19.03 PM

Now click the Map Options button! This should be the big button on the top.
After that, click the Score tab. Lastly, copy the settings here:

And there you go! That is how you make a leaderboard that tracks sentry knockouts!

If you have any questions, then just @ me. I should be around. Like always, have fun!


as long as player pvp isnt on, u can just set the leaderboard to track knockouts


That helps a lot, thanks!


this totally changed my map! (in an amazing way)


@Lolo, really nice guide! I don’t know why I haven’t seen it until now!


Probably because it is one of the older guides.



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This is very helpful.

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It is.

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I got so high on the leaderboard that the last sentry I knocked out made me bump into this guide!


This was Actually very Useful!
I needed this for my Map, Being new to the Forums and Creating Maps on Gimkit Aint Easy.


SUPER helpful! Is SUPER recommended

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I finally found out how to do it, thanks a lot. Now the leaderboard actually means something. :slight_smile:

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