How to make a Sentry Knockout game! (Difficulty: 🟩)

Have you ever wanted to make a sentry knockout game? yeah… me too. Well today, I will show you how to make one!

  1. Make a new map. Me personally, I will make my map name “Sentry Knockout Example!”

    Look at my lil gim!
    image (I literally got cooked in the server just for posting this)

  2. Make a map, big or small. I will make my map small.

  3. Add sentries around your map

  4. Get a knockout manager, a counter, and a property device!

  5. Open the Knockout Manager, and set the knockout target to “Sentry”

  6. Open the counter, Set the count scope to “player”, then go to the property tab. set update property to “yes” and name the property something that will be easy to remember.

  7. Open the property device, and set the property name to the aforementioned property. Set the property type to “number” and the property scope to “player”

  8. Copy whatever is listed in the image below:

  9. Playtest your game.

  10. Did you spawn out of the arena? Place a spawner inside the arena!

  11. Add the “Starting inventory” device

  12. Set it to any weapon.

  13. Go to the settings, select map options, go to the “scores” tab, and copy everything in the image below:

  14. You may change the score name to anything you desire.

  15. Playtest it, and you’re done!

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[By ECTB.]


How did you do that skin, btw? And nice guide!


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Great video! Do u know how to draw your own GK skins? I need some tips (bc I have many more plans than just what I said here). Also, I just reached Member level - yay! :smiley_cat:

It’s not my video- and as for drawing skins, I’m pretty sure the video explains it but I don’t know

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That’s just about customizing existing skins, but thanks anyway!

Oh, well to draw a new skin you just completely draw over the skin haha, instead of just making a few edits

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LOL :rofl:

thats literally the exact video i watched to learn to make custom gims

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Nice guide!

thanks lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


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Um, maybe eat a few of the WOW that are in the southern woods…


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