Making Specific Sentries give points, and not others (Difficulty 2/10 or 🟩)

First, I would recommend using, and following the steps on the following guide

(this is bye the creator Lolo, masive credit, their guide was simple, to the point, and easy to understand.)

Then what you will want to do is get rid of The K.O device. What you will INSTEAD hook up to the counter is witchever sentry you want to give points. (Btw, specificaly start the wire at the sentry, and end it at the counter)
The following is just explaining how/why this works, but getting it ready has already been done. So if your interested in how this works the way it does, continue, but if you don’t really care, fair.

So what the K.O device had done by the end of the tutorial, was automatically check for sentry’s, but getting rid of it means we have to do it MANUALLY. So lets say you put down a sentry. If you hoot it up directly to the counter, (and essentially do what I was saying in this guide) It will have the EXACT same effect on that specific sentry as if you did the K.O device said in the tutoral. The difference is the K.O device (Under the conditions of the tutorial) provides to ability for any and all sentry’s to give points automatically. compared to with wires, where you would have to manually do it, BUT, you have the option to skip some you think are irrelevant.


Nice first guide! Welcome to the community, @Yosboysbub! To make this guide better, I suggest adding images of your devices to help visual thinkers think better!

No, @Morepeko8 and I have to go, sorry. You could probably do something like act something you love is gone? Anyways, good luck!

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Really nice guide, @Yosboysbub!

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