Pirate game (based of of pirates of the carribean)

i am making a pirate game what shoukd inadd

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you should add sentries with the captain buck skin and some underwater things
How to make an underwater-based game [WIP]


So you know those ropes on the ships?

You should make it where you can slide across like a zipline!
This guide will help:

lol watermark

great ideas i think i will also add skelton men from te first movie

also how do i make it to were you drive somthing

i also want team 1 to be pirates and team 2 be the britsh

Consider sentry cannons, ammunition expeditions on islands, and multiple islands with different themes.

Add a kraken, (using the guide that @Riptide linked). you could make it so you could go inside the kraken’s belly, where there would be shipwrecks and things.
use this guide for ships

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it is complete now i have to save money to release it!