How to make a detailed Pirate Ship! Difficulty: 0/10

This is the first part of it, the three-dimensional Guide. I am too dumb to figure out how to put a quick link to the other parts so just scroll down until you get to them.

Step 1: Building the exoskeleton, cannon, and foam

Use 10 dark wooden poles at the default color exactly how it is in the image shown. Right where the poles end, put in as many small snow piles as you want to make it look like water foam. Next, around halfway through the ship place three barriers, A black circle(left one), a black rectangle(middle), and a grey circle(right). You can recolor this however you want, this is just the exoskeleton though.

Step 2: Filling it in

Fill in the exoskeleton with default dark wooden signs. Make sure that they are all BELOW the barrier’s layer. In the end, It should look like this. I’d say more signs look more realistic, but If you are a memory saver, I recommend tampering with the prop’s size.

Step 3: The Mast and sail.

Put a dark wooden pole(default color roughly in the middle of the boat. Make sure that it is the lowest prop in the set. Next, use 1 large white rectangle barrier and put it right in front of the pole.

Step 4: skull emoji

Use the text device to put in a skull emoji, and make it the highest prop in the layers tab. Make the size roughly 100 or higher and you will have this as a result. This is the end of part 1: making the default ship.

Part 2: Adding extra details
In this part, we will add extra details, such as a shark fin, the icon in the front of the ship(I don’t know what it’s called), as well as a plank.

Step 1: shark fin
You will need three metal signs. Tint them so that they look like this

Piece them together so that they look like this(two will be large, one will be small)

Step 2: The icon that I don’t know what is called

There are many different designs you can use, but one thing is certain throughout. Please make sure they are all at the very top layer.

Since there are many different designs possible, I will make Two different ones and just show images of them.

Once you are done with your custom design, slap it onto the front of the ship like this:

You can recolor any part of this ship how you want, I hope you enjoyed this guide to a pirate ship! If you want to, you can make the cannon shoot lasers :smiley:


I really love this! It’s so pretty, nice work on this Pirate ship!