A guide to a pirate game! UNFINISHED

Well here we go. I will be finishing this while I build my pirate game. Just a heads up.

Hah it’s unfinished! Nah nah nah nah!

Great, he’s here :disappointed:

Chapter 1

So first you want to get your map right,build 5 islands and make the one in the middle the biggest. Name them anything,then decide what to put on the islands. Then you wanna put a waypoint in each island and make the name the name of the island that way pirate gims can find there way home.

Building The Pirate Ships

Then you want to build the pirate ships(how many depends on how many players)How to make a detailed Pirate Ship! Difficulty: 0/10
And just make sure your gims can stand on it!

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Oh yeah the reason why it is black is because length and the free driving reason too.

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Can’t you use drafts instead of posting an unfinished guide?
Also, are you sure this should be rated a :black_large_square:?


What exactly about the free driviing makes it black difficulty? Fun fact by the way, we don’t do that anymore (we stopped using black difficulty because the idea of it is questionable).


Please don’t post WIPS.

  1. It clutters up the forums. If you post a work in progress, the guide is pretty much useless and it will look really ugly and unfinished.
  2. You have a limited editing time. WIPS are not the same as wikis. Wikis are for others to build on and for really large, ambitious projects. If you post a WIP, you may not finish it.
  3. Posting a WIP will give you negative attention from the community. People are not satisfied when they see unfinished guides or stubs. If you post a more complete guide, we will be friendlier.

These apply to your guide in particular because of how short it is. If you don’t like the forum editor, write your guide in a google doc before posting it here.

With that said, I hope you can finish it! This was not intended to be mean or insulting.


how is this supposed to help the forums?

I am not trying to be mean

Welcome to the forums! Please read TOS and FAQ and the beginner-must reads!
Also read the blue banner at the top of every page.
And it helps the forums by telling gims to not post WIP guides.


ok @chunky thank you

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If someone wants to make a pirate game they could find helpful resources here, if it gets finished.
Welcome to the forums!
Please read the FAQ’s and TOS.
(Would put Snom but chunky beat me to it XD, I will be faster next time)

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Welcome to the forums, @GimSpace!
Make sure to check out forum-beginners if you haven’t already!


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