Mapbuilding Tips 3: The End? (The Annoying Cursor Ripoff's Edition)

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  1. Now that I’m TL2, I can add things without having to think about it in just one day. Yay!
  2. This might be the last installment of the series. But then again, who knows?
  3. Look, I’m running out of ideas. So, this is going to be suggestions to put in your maps, if that’s fine for the TL3s.

Anyways, without further ado, let’s get started.

Using the Gumball Machine

So, the gumball machine, just like any other prop, is for decoration. But, with this guide, you can put the health/shield granter to better use.

  1. Obviously, place down a health granter and gumball machine. Also place a button and a popup for the better effect…
  2. Change the health granter to whatever you’d like. Also, make sure the button is not visible in-game and is in front or next to the gumball machine.
  3. Now, wire the button to the popup, or just wire it to your modified health/shield granter directly.
  4. If you wired the button directly to the health granter, then you are done. If you wired it to the popup first, now wire the popup to the health/shield granter.

Now you have a functioning gumball machine, and have put the health/shield granter to good use!

Edit-Mode Teleporters

If you’re making a large map, then not only should you consider the limits:
Wall limit: 2,500
Floor limit: Infinite
Prop limit: 5,000
Device limit: depends
…and edit-mode teleporters. Edit-mode teleporters are teleporters activated when you are editing and not playing. This can be quite inconvenient, however, because you don’t want to have to remove and re-add something every time you have an event, test, or play your map. So, this is why a venting system is better because it’s not like you have to remove and re-add every single dang time, you can just vent to other rooms and boom, you’re there in record time.


Here are some useful tips you might’ve not noticed:

  • Vending machines are cool, but you can actually make a vending machine that has limited stock, funding, prices go up based on player count, and hide the vending machine in-game! This is pretty cool, and I would like to thank mysz for telling me that.
    Knowing the vending machine settings is very important for Farmchain, One Way Out, etc, remakes.
  • You can “update” a gate console in here [insert collection here], along with much more.

Using the Gumball Machine:
Inspired by Coffee’s guide on making props have a function/more decorative:

Edit-Mode Teleporters:
WhoAmI’s list of devices, conveniently ranked by memory!

Im_Pretty_Cool’s cool guide on venting:

I’m not hiding the credits because I want these people to get properly credited.

Note: This will probably be the last post about mapbuilding unless if I feel like it.


You should aim to publish an entire guide at once, not in small parts. Just keep it as a draft, and edit it as time passes. When you’re done with it, then post it.


Nice job so far, but like what Blackhole said, drafts are there for a reason.

yeah i should’ve done that in the first place, but i didn’t really pay attention to the buttons on the person icon when you clicked your pfp because i was new, had lots of ideas, and was in a rush because i have some unfinished homework to do

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edit 4:46 PM: it’s been 35 minutes. i think i should do my homework.
edit 6:01 PM: done
edit 9:45 PM: officially done

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