How to use unused props

So we have all been scrolling through the props list and saw things like the space rover, or the pond grass, so I thought “What are some cool ways that you could use them for?” so I am here to to answer that question

Space rover: Use it as a waiter
we all have seen the space rover and probably never used it, most of us always thought “It is too much of a space theme” so I thought “Why not use it as a waiter” This is what I came up with
It’s pretty basic, but it works

Pond grass: Use it for bushier bushes
This one is a stretch, but you could use it for better bushes, or as dead bits in a bush, like this
Again, this is a stretch, tho I couldn’t find any other uses

Leafs: Use it to cover things, like boxes
For this one, I have always thought one thing “Having other infected items would be cool” so that is what I think this could be used for, so this is what I came up with

That’s it, I hope you enjoy it!
(P.S. I know that I made this before, but someone flagged it!)

I love this! Ingenious ways of using props!

Nice! Although, I suggest removing “pointless” from the title. That is a little offensive to the Gimkit Team who make these props.

ok, that’s probably why it got flagged
(P.S. Sorry Jeffo, if you are seeing this)

Nice guide!

Bumpity bumpity bump!