Mapbuilding Tips 4: The Long-Lost Fourth Part (The Annoying Cursor Ripoff's Edition) [WIP]

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Okay, this is absurd. Anyways, this might actually be the last part. This part is mostly about things you can do to help build things. Also, should this be called the long-lost fourth part or the foreshadowed fourth part?


Wires Part 2

So, there are some more uses for wires than you think.

  • If you have a map where you need to teleport to places, then you might want to use wires because you can see wires and that visual can help you with locating.
  • I know that this is always repeated, but wires are visual. Visual good. Help debug.
Teleport-Required Areas

Y’know, the areas you have to teleport to?

  • Don’t use something like an overlay for hiding and showing. This is because of ZRD (Zone Render Distance).
  • Consider placing zones near each other, will ya? Otherwise, use wires to help you locate these zones (see section 1, tip 1).
  • I mean, I guess I understand why you’d use a button for teleporting, but you could just use the teleporter’s featured settings. Also, if you’re using wires, that’s 10 memory that you could’ve saved right there.
May be controversial, but wires vs. channels
Note: This section isn’t to spark a debate, it’s to consider.

Remember, this sections isn’t to make people argue, it’s for you to consider if you want to use wires or channels. Got it? Also, can someone give a citation for channels not taking up any memory?


Personally, I’m a wire lover, but I’ll keep this unbiased.


  • You can see wire connections, which brings some good things.
    • This makes it easier to debug!
    • Kind of biased, but they can be satisfying.


  • Takes up memory whereas channels don’t [citation needed].
  • Can cause lag due to the wire animation.
  • Wires can actually be harder to debug if there are a lot of them in a space.


The other side of the debate. The [arguably] more supported side.


  • No memory usage [again, citation is needed]!*
  • Doesn’t cause lag from animated sprites, so that’s good for you and the computer.


  • Since they aren’t visible, this may make it harder to debug.

*Not only is a citation needed, but I don’t actually know if this is true or not. I’ll have to go digging to find the post that said channels had zero memory. Can anyone send me the link?


The Art of Overlapping Barriers

Overlapping barriers? How’s that an “art?” Well, if you make them at 0.5 - 0.8 transparency, then you can do some cool things with it.

  • At the bottom of a waterfall, you can make the “crashing water” effect by making them white.
  • If you put the barriers on the above layer, then you can make a mist/fog/smoke/whatever!

More coming later!


Great guide! Anyway, I think “The Long-Lost Fourth Part” sounds better! I just noticed I lost Regular :sob: But I’m not that active anymore anyway @eiqcrmeliutgwhc Maybe you should read my bio :sob:


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