Is there a way to Farm

I want to make it possible for the players to grow shields and med-kits like in snowy survival. Is that something achievable? I’d love any help.

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Gimkit is working on a way to farm. For now, you can use invisible vending machines to accomplish it.


Last I checked, that was one of the things that they were still working on adding - the list of possible future additions has been removed since then, though, so I’m not sure if it’s still in development…

There are other ways to give players shields and med-kits, though - perhaps one of those could work for you? As an example, there’s the item spawner device (it generates items at a constant rate that players can then pick up)… not quite the same thing, but similar :]

An item granter could work well too, because you can add blocks of code.

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Not yet. They will make it soon. If the dev notes got upgraded to what they aren’t working on - doesn’t mean they are done!

Some of these will add on to @NavyCatZ’s answer.

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