Infection-Style Gamemode

How do i make 3 things in snowy survival:

  1. How do i make it so only the cursed can access the questioner with snowballs, and make the survivors have the questioner with energy?

  2. How do i make it so if a survivor gets cursed, they don’t need to use energy to walk anymore and they switch into the questioner with snowballs?

  3. How do i make a survivor’s time survived thing?

for 3: How to make "Seconds Survived" on the Leaderboard
For 2: deactivate the movement meter

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for 1: make a system for both and then hide and show the overlays when you need to switch

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Yeah, but it doesn’t work. I tried so many times and the cursed just gets energy.

two whole different systems and just switch out the overlays

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You could try connecting the Questioner to a Wire Repeater with the team allowed to send the wire pulse being team two.

(Questioner) Question Answered Correctly —> (Wire Repeater) Repeat the wire pulse!

(Wire Repeater) Wire pulse repeated —> (Item Granter) Grant Item

Deactivate the movement meter and use the same system for your first question (above), just change the item in the item granter to be energy.

This, How to make "Seconds Survived" on the Leaderboard - #16 by Haiasi
but instead of the Repeater or Trigger clock, just use a Trigger that broadcasts on a channel and triggers itself on the same channel.

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There’s a whole guide on this (thankfully):

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