Ideas for some kinda spooky game

Hey you. Yeah, you.
I need ideas for help on my Wicker-Gim map.
It’s meant to look unsettling, but I have no idea (im a toaster) on how to make it seem spooky
Sooo any prop artists around who can suggest something?

Id say dead plants, make it dark, moss/dirt, infested stuff, and groundbreaking plants

Use dark pallet, props tilted onto the wall, and maybe coral as cobwebs.

I mean I’m kinda a prop artist now… :sweat_smile:

don't look at this its just evil evil spooky stuff

you are prob reading this huh :joy: I was just kidding btw.
Screenshot 2024-06-28 1.32.34 PM
I’m working on a T-60 Power Armor from fallout, and the responses were:

so here I am. :sweat_smile:


so what’s the theme of your map?
(I know its a scary one, but are there for ex. jump scares, is there just notes that say: [name] was here with a big wreckage? what kinda style of horror is it?)

but if I had to recommend stuff, I would do jump scares with a big prop art monster, and a bunch of warnings about it to build up suspense. for ex. there’s notes and destruction and chaos.
adding characters in the game to talk to is also a good option! A character tells you some lore about a monster and then they say, “its probably not true” after.[1] then there can also be people who witnessed the monster, or survived it. those are just a couple ideas though, and if you need help with more ideas or prop art I can help! :slight_smile:

  1. that’s how you know something is gonna happen ↩︎


Use a dark barrier over everything, with flashes of light randomly.

So like make a barrier solid black with collision off and make it pretty transparent but … oh @The_Time-Keeper just said that nevermind…

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Well in some areas you should make it so the lights have lighter parts of darkness and some areas have eyes that watch you, but when get closer go away.

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Use creepy emojis, like as the story progresses, or you hit a checkpoint, creepier stuff keeps happening, like one NPC turns into a skull, or something like that.

Also, this is pretty obvious and I assume you’ve done it, but y’know, darker things, to make it spooky or whatever.

Also maybe dialogue gets unsettling as you go, like the people might start saying mildly creepy things to full prophecies of doom as you go further into the story


Simply ambience could work to make the game scary. Dark barrier overlaying the map, nothing to interact with, seemingly endless map.


infested things and way corrdinates that differentiates players position

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its meant to look unsettling

Like “…is there something here?……its too quiet- AAAAAAAAAAA”


you could also use “caught footage” of the monster with popups and cutscenes.

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You could have like something horrifying because it should not be there (Remember cannot be gruesome for small 1st graders) (sorry small 1st graders if you aren’t scared) EX: my map had cheese in the middle of a forest and in the town people said things like “Beware the cheese you foolish puny human”


Here’s a bit of concept art.

Only the strong will be sacrificed. The weak must not stain the honor of the WickerGim. And YOU.
Sacrifice yourself to the WickerGim, and watch yourself burn up and be ‘immortalised’ in the flames…
The WickerGim shall rise again…


10/10 Art



Add some
Awesome art btw


Sometimes, less is more.
Like @top-z said, just emptiness and darkness can drive the player crazy.
Random shadows and eyes at times.


This Guide Could Help

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You can maybe take inspiration from haunted houses :slight_smile: (Like in irl)

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