Ideas for my game please

I need ideas for my gimkit game its like a jungle game!

add random encounters with animals (sentries).

Add lore.

Add quests you can do

maybe using vines to climb on?

how do i make quests @C-C
and ill try it @bluebird291

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Here’s some guides:

and whats a lore @C-C ?


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ohh ok

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Basically Lore is storyline or backstory for a story or game.

ok so im going to try the climbing vine thing that @bluebird291 said


let me know how that turns out


hey @bluebird291 i added a something like a vine then i put a teleporter and a button so when you press the button it teleports you to the top of the vine! and i really like how it turned out! thanks for the idea!

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also i have another idea, maybe in your jungle, add a cave and when you walk into it, it teleporters you to inside the cave in it there is a quest to get a good item or a weapon? (like a fight with a sentry)

thats a good idea! i was going to do that before you told me @bluebird291 but i can really make it because my game is a platformer game thats why! but good idea!

since its platformer, then it should work out good, good luck in your game, hope to play it when it comes out

Add lore that connects to real Gimkit lore.

Maybe add like, I don’t know…

a gorilla? (As an emoji) if you are nice, he’ll give you a stick or something, or YES, A BANANA!

If you attack him, (just put a prop that’s one shot under the emoji and a sentry that’s not active on game start and that activates when the prop is destroyed) then he can fight back with a wooden wand.

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