How to make a quest system that counts how many things you knock out

So, I’m gonna do an example of 3 sentries, because that uses the max amount of wires you can connect. But you can connect more counters if you would like, and a lot more triggers. <WARNING: I think that this guide is too long>

For this you will need:
Sentry x4
Trigger x3
A lot of wires lol
counters x5
popups x2
Game Overlays x6
Buttons x2
Item Granter x1
Zone x1

Ok so now on to the part where we make the whole system! So first you get the button and change the setting to this, but the dialogue can be different!:

And make it active on the game start and activation scope global but you can also do player!

Now place a popup, and wire the button to the popup so it is Button pressed----> Open Popup, and then you can also change the dialogue In this situation as well!

And then after that, make the call to action whatever you want, but this is what I did:

Now before we continue remember that you can personalize anything that I do in this guide

Ok so now place a game overlay, and set the settings like this:

Now wire it so when the popup’s primary call to action is clicked, the overlay should show.

After that, place the sentries in any place you want, and place a trigger next to them. But leave one left out. Only place three sentries in this case. And then place down a counter and wire all of the sentries so when Sentry knocked out—> Increment Counter. And do that for all the sentries as well, after doing that, repeat it with another four counters. Make the target value of the counters in order, if it is the first counter I placed, then I make the target value 1, the next one 2, and so on.

Now place another game overlay in front of the first counter, then change the settings to be like this:

Wire the counter to the game overlay, so that Target Value Reached —> Show game overlay

Then place another 4 game overlays for the remaining counters and do the same settings but instead of 1/5 whatsoever defeated, it is in order like 2/5 whatsoever defeated in order of the counters. Wire them all the same way.

Then, wire the 2nd counter to the 1st game overlay, so it is Target Value Reached —> Hide Game Overlay, and so on wire the 3rd counter to the second game overlay so it is the same wire settings as the other one, and keep doing that until the 5th one, this time make the fifth one a button instead of text.

And that is the end of the first part, now time for the second part! And that is adding some extra stuff that you do not have to do if you don’t want to.

So use the remaining sentry and make it to be on the team that the players will be on so the sentry will not attack them. And then you could decorate around the sentry. Here’s what I did if you want an idea of what it should be like:

And if you want to add a reward for doing the quest, then you should place the other button that I mentioned and wire that to an item granter, then wire the last game overlay (the 5th one) to the button and make it so that when the game overlay’s button is clicked, (P.S the quest collection button should not be able to be pressed at game start), the button activates. And then also make it so you wire the game overlay to the first button that we talked to in the guide that activates the quest, and make it so that the button deactivates. And then add a popup, this is how it should look like:
No need for the channel I just did it for no reason, now just connect the popup to an item granter, so when the primary call to action is clicked, the item is granted, it could be whatever item you want. Also, wire the popup to the first button that activates the quest, and make it so that one is activated, and the reward collection button, is not activated. Wire the popup to both.

Have Fun!


Thank you! I was wondering on how to do this!


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Great guide! This seemed kind of hard at first because im a noobie, but i get it now! i am going to make an assassin game w/ this because thats cool.:+1:


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