Ideas for a thing

In my game, you can choose 2 abilities to have. For example, I currently have 2 made so far, you could have walk on water (tell me if u want a guide on that) and speed boost. I want to have at least 8 and I need ideas!

Abilites: Walk on water
Health increase
Turret building
Minigame thing

You can add health and less energy abilities as well as the map being a sci-fi theme or medieval theme, those tend to fit with what you are wanting.

Speed boost guides,

And ability guides,


I know how to make a speed boost, I only need ideas

So you can have:

  1. Walk on Water
  2. Speed Boost
  3. Regen Health?
  4. Super Strength?
  5. Can Teleport?
  6. Can slow other people down?
  7. Better Weapon? Idk for this
  8. Respawn random players?
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well everyone already has regen but great ideas!

1: Maybe a lighting/posion wizard ability that damages you using pseudo-health?

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Will pseudo-health work when people attack you?

No, because it is very hard to update your health. You can’t really sense if something hits you

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  1. more health
  2. deals higher damage
  3. makes more profit
  4. can teleport
  5. unlimited ammo
  6. builder ability
  7. weapon swithing
  8. god mode
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No, pseudo-health doesn’t work with real health.
-getrithekd, 2023, replying to WolfTechnology

It’s just for the ablitity.

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I can do 1!, could you explain 3, 4 and 6? Already have 5 and can’t do 2 because I already use damage multipliers in the game

More ideas?

  1. Activates random traps for random players, like teleports them to death
  2. Gets more stuff at game start
  3. A LOT of ammo, food(if you use it)
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  1. (From Wolf): Has a button that transmits to teleport
  2. Has regen stuff
    (Oops switch it around)
  3. Activate barrier
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Oh I have an idea, maybe that quantum portal reload thing?

By can teleport, could I do that they get a overlay and teleport to a random teleporter (can only use 5 times?)

You mean the QP machinegun?

Also, smth related to that, maybe a crit attack?
(It’s kinda cursed, taking from potionmaster but it’s the most we can do right now)

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Yes. You can do that.

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  1. you can make players with that ability make more money per second and per kill.
  2. make players be able to access teleportes that are around the map that others can’t use.
  3. allow players to spawn walls(you have to have the button set to that team for only taht player to spawn them).
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Yep (I can’t use the you know what word cause on school Chromebook and will get flagged)

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Ooo cool idea! maybe a overlay button that activates once you answer 5 questions that make a wall? (for 5)