How to make forever lasting speed boost when buying it with or without a pop-up shop

[Reminder: It is not a short time speed boost, it is everlasting/lasts for the entire game, also you buy it from a pop-up shop not a vending machine] Let´s Begin!

Step 1

Devices you will need [With a pop-up shop]: A Zone, Game Overlay, Popup, Vending Machine, Speed Modifier, and a Wire Repeater.

Step 2

Place a Zone. Go to the Featured Section and in “Allow Gadget Fire” click no. Then, go to “Visible in Game” and click yes. Finnaly, go to “When player leaves zone, transmit on” and type in, Hide Button.

Step 3

Now, add a Speed Modifier and in “Speed” type in how fast you want the player to go [Example: 1.50] [Reminder: The MAX speed is 4.00]

Step 4

Now add a Wire Repeater and in “Delay” type in, 1.00

Step 5

Now, add a Popup and in the Featured Section and on “Open popup when recieving on” type in, Speed. [On the “Header Text” add the title or name of something. Example: Speed Shop, Shop, etc.] [On the “Content Text”, add a description. Example: Hi Welcome to the Speed Shop/Shop/etc.] Then, go to the Call to Action Section and in “Call To Action Label” type in, Speed Boost/Speed Upgrade/ Whatever you want to call the Everlasting Speed. Finally, in “Secondary Call To Action Label” type in, [Next: if you want to add more stuff] [Leave: If you´re adding nothing else exept Speed] [There is a way to add more stuff to the pop-up shop, but it isn´t in this guide.] [Example: Adding Weapons, Health Stuff, etc.]

Step 6

Now, add a Vending Machine and in the Featured Section on “Required Item” add what you need to buy the Speed with and under it type how much of it is needed. Finally, in “Visible in- Game” put no.

Step 7

Finally, add a Game Overlay and in the Featured Section on “Overlay Type” put button. Then, under that, put it in any corner [Bottom Right is Recommended NOT Forced] After that, on “Overlay text” and “When button clicked, transmit on” type in, Speed [For Both]. Then, on “Visible On Game Start” put no. Finally, go to the Channels Section and on “Hide overlay when recieving on” type in, Hide Button.

Step 8

Now it´s time for the wires. Connect the Zone to the Popup [Player enters zone → Open popup] Next, you connect the Zone to the Game Overlay [Player enters zone → Show overlay] Next, you connect the Game Overlay to the Popup [Button pressed → Open popup] After that, you connect the Popup to the Vending Machine [Primary call to action clicked → Attempt to purchase] Then, you connect the Vending Machine to the Speed Modifier [Item purchased → Set player to configured speed] Finally, you connnect the Wire Repeater to the Speed Modifier [When the wire repeater receives a pulse… → Set player to configured speed]


There might be a few steps that were complicated and that is because I worked on this at night and I was very sleepy. Thank you for reading this guide! and Thank you for your patience! Send me anything that is wrong with it, and please send feedback, comments, or complaints Thank you!


Good Guide! You might want to put some images or visual aids to help the viewers though

Ex. Screenshots of wires, devices, settings, etc.

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Great guide! I answered a question that asked for basically this exact same thing a while back, but it used items and checkers instead.


good guide

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(buys speed upgrade)

(zooms around)

(burmps this guide)


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