Multi player effecting abilites and how to make them!

so first we are gonna make the thing that gives the abilities and for that ur gonna want a life cycle (gamestart) connected to a relay(settings depending on how u want to distribute abilities) and that relay connect to a trigger with block code like this (set the settings on the logic block depending on how much powers you want)
Screenshot 2023-11-23 1.53.19 PM
(frosty ability halves damage others and slows down all other players
team medic enables regen for their team only
scout uses zones counters and number properties to make a raw minimap of where peeps are
burning hate enables enemy pve health to be enabled and burns it down
infectious fury doubles your teams damage for 20 seconds and boosts move speed to 2.00)

anyways lets start with the ability frosty to make that you need a game overlay with settings like this

then connect it to a relay (all other players) and connect that relay to a damage modifier a wire repeater and a speed modifier that is set to half speed then connect another speed modifier setting players back to normal speed once the time stated in the wire repeater delay is up (make sure the wire repeater delay and the damage boost time are the same)
Screenshot 2023-11-23 2.28.24 PM
and you are done with the frosty ability!

now for the team medic! so first make a game overlay similar to the last one but with different channels and the button text set to ¨team medic¨
and connect that game overlay to a trigger with code like this
Screenshot 2023-11-23 2.34.39 PM
and then place two relays corresponding to the team channels and then make 2 not 1 basic health regen systems and connect the relays to each finished product of team medic looks like this
Screenshot 2023-11-23 2.28.24 PM
now for infectious fury (basically the same as the one above but instead of the regen system its a wire repeater a dmg modifier and 2 speed modifiers like this
Screenshot 2023-11-24 12.31.00 PM
(make sure to make the wire repeater delay same as the dmg modifier time)
now for scout! use zones that transmit on the name of the room or area peeps are in and place a non-visible counter next to them and place a property with the name of the room or area make the counter increment and decrement depending on whether the player has left the zone or not and then place a game overlay that constantly checks the properties the counters are updating (burning hate im gonna save for later)


Can’t wait to see it done!

Nice guide so far! Looks pretty good!

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This looks cool!

almost done just gotta make the last one (aka the most complicated one)

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