I need ideas for my Rob The Bank game

I need ideas for my Rob The Bank game…

Add lasers that can be brought

i already put lasers

Maybe look at this guide, it might have some ideas you can use.


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ok ill try @WolfTechnology

i tried it but i already have all of those

ok so what all do you have? can you list it so i know not to say those?

i just need like decorations and idea on what devices i should put @WolfTechnology

well safes, filing cabinets to make a vault and add a few safes behind th main counter, then and a mini obby to get to the main vault. Thinking of decor ideas rn.

do you guys know how to make a vault?

You could do a vending machine that you need a key/keycard to buy

yea thanks guys but does any one know how to make a vault??

this guide has a section on doors, if you click on it… there will be a link to another guide which should have a vault door in it.

(Edit: I’ll just put the guide here)

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yeah its like this, pretty much just a bunch of filing cabinets and you can add shelves with gold on them in it too.

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hey @satorugojo1 i just did the vault door and it worked thanks

welcome! <GIMKIT.CREATIVE is smart>

oh you can just put <> and then put random letters in it with no symbols or spaces @satorugojo1

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