How to Make a Heist Game or minigame

I have shared this idea a lot, and i wanted to make a guide on it!
This guide will show you some methods to create a heistlike game with multiple levels, feel free to put more if need be!

This will show you several levels

  1. Breaking In
  2. Finding the code
  3. Bypassing the lasers
  4. Get out and beat the guards
Breaking In

For this step, you can build your own terrain, but what you do need is: Sentries equal to the amount people you need to bypass, props for each sentries, and a ton of zones.
Step 1. set up the terrain and props. You need to place sentries near each other, and props in front of them. It will look a little like this:

(You actually are going to want to space out the distance a tiny bit more)Behind the props that you use as cover, you need to put zones. These will have channels and so will the sentries. When you are behind the cover, the sentries will deactivate and when player leaves zone, it will send channel to reactivate the sentries. The middle sentries will leave to go to the bathroom every so often, you will need a sign for that that says: gone to the bathroom or whatever. Use a repeater to deactivate the sentries and activate the props with text. THE SENTRIES MUST ONESHOT YOU! There may be a way to cheese this level, but at least make it dangerous and space out the props enough that you will get hit if you try to run.

Finding The Code

For this level you need to design an interior to the bank/ building. You also need a variable amount of sentries, an item granter, a K.O manager, a vending machine, a checker, a notification, and a prop to act as a computer + an item granter
For this level, you need to search around the map, avoiding the guards, to find the special sentries with the codes. Make sure to give player a weapon that deals an appropiate amount of damage. When you kill the special sentries around the map, A KO manager to item granter will grant random item and the notification will tell you you got part of the code. Try guarding these sentries with puzzles or guards and make them pretty weak. Repeat this proccess for however many different parts of the code you want, add as many guards as you want, and Bam! first part done. Next, you need find a weapon, kill guards, and get to the computer/keypad. This is where the vending machine comes in. You put a invisible vending machine that costs however many items that represent code shards you have, and when check passes, deactivate the barrier

Bypassing the Lasers

This is the simplest one, all you need is some lasers, a laser manager, a checkpoint ,and a repeater,
Turn lasers on and off when repeater runs tasks, avoid lasers, and make the lasers kill you and send back to checkpoint.

Breaking Out

First, make a little vault area where you get the cool item, then have a button to teleport them out. I would reccomend making this level timed, (make sure to let the player know with a notification) and use a hodgepodge of what you have already learned and other things you know for the breaking out. For the timer, just make it when the button to leave is pressed, wire repeater with a delay of however long you want(if too short just wire one to another until it is long enough, and then when the final signal gets through, just teleport them back to beginning of level and give a notification of like β€œthe doors have been locked, you were too late! Try again” or whatever (This is the most modular part of this guide, and there are many ways to do this, which is why this is just a guideline.)

Sorry again everybody, i had an afterschool thing and then my grandparents came over for chanukah so I was not able to finish until now. Enjoy!


This’ll be cool! Can’t wait till its complete!

Nice wip, @satorugojo1!

Cool, thx for the guide!

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thanks so much! character limit