How to make a bank robbery in GKC!

Today, in GKC mode, I will show you how to make a bank robbery! Credits to @satorugojo1 for the idea, I got the idea from How to Make a Heist Game or minigame. I also got the idea from robbery sim in roblox.

Make the breaking-in part

First, you have to break into the bank, there are two ways to do this, the vent way, and the bomb way.

The vent way

This way is easier than the bomb way, its simple, you add a vent on the side of your bank, make a button that teleports you to a vent maze that uses camera views, the end of the maze teleports you into the bank.

(The part of the name there is my nickname, not my real name)

The bomb way

This is the harder way, we will need a lot more devices.
First, you place down a cardboard box, place a wood sign on top of the box, then, place mini cardboard boxes on-top of the wooden sign.
Screenshot 2023-12-12 5.36.42 PM
This will be your crafting table. Now, make two hidden items near the crafting table, make the first one a alien plant to simulate wires, make the other a red-tinted cardboard box to simulate a defused bomb. Make a button for each one of the props, make it hide the prop, and give you a item.

Now, make a button that checks to see if you have both the items, then, place the button on the crafting table.

Edit the checker’s settings like this:

Screenshot 2023-12-12 5.45.48 PM
Now, make a visible mark on the building:
Screenshot 2023-12-12 5.48.03 PM
Place a button that is not able to be pressed on game start, make it so when the check passes, the button activates.
Screenshot 2023-12-12 5.49.43 PM
Now, make it so when the button is pressed, you teleport inside the bank.

That’s all for breaking in!

Okay, you can break in now, what is the bank layout though?

The layout

Okay, we can break in now, lets design the bank! A bank needs these few things:

  1. A vault you can rob
  2. A security room so you can disable lasers
  3. locked doors
    Okay, that’s my list, I will show a good bank layout.

Legend: (Dark scraps: vault) (Light scraps: security room) (metal: side rooms) (plastic: locked doors)

You can make the bank anything you want it to be!
1 hour later
Okay, you are done making the layout of the bank!

The defense

Okay, we have a random bank with no defense, let’s add defense!
First, we need guards. (of couse) You can use sentries, the guards are easy, but lets make them better than a plain old sentry! (No offence, sentries)
Place two sentries, one on your team and one not. Place a red zone that is visible on game start:

Make the sentry that is not on your team not spawned in on game start.
Make it so when the player enters the zone, it despawns the sentry on your team and spawns the sentry not on your team:

Now, place the sentries on top of each other, and now you have a line of sight sentry!
Okay, guards are done, you have to add security cameras now! This is simple, place a gate console, resize it and rotate it so it is like a camera:
Screenshot 2023-12-12 6.12.02 PM
Make 3 zone that is red and visible, place three wire repeaters too, and place two more gate consoles, do the same thing again:

Now, place a life cycle, and a relay, keep the settings the same, wire them so:

Now, make the wire repeaters show one gate console and activate one zone each, make them hide and deactivate the others.

Make it so when the player enters a zone, it respawns them or summons sentries.

Okay, have a good day or night! The guide is done!


You spelled β€œDefense” wrong.

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nice guide @gimmaster12345 !! Ima probably use this for my next game mode

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Noice guide! Definitely useful!

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