How to make a museum heist! 1/10

Welcome! Today in GKC I will give you a step by step tutorial on how to make a museum heist. I got this idea from this guide: gimmaster12345 | How to make a bank robbery in GKC! Yes, I know there are tutorials on this, but they are all not finished, but this one is!

Step 1: The map.

So, for the map I’m going to do something simple, by placing two dark gray stone columns and a Marble Stone floor [LIGHT], and the walls Marble Stone [DARK]. You can change what yours to look cleaner but here is mine:

Step 2: The ways to rob it.
The vent way.

To make the vent you need to make a simple ventilation system way over to the side and make a path of Spaceship Catwalk [LINED], and outline it with Metallic [DARK] so it should look like this so far;

Yeah, I did a crazy shape… BUT BACK TO THE GUIDE Now, you need to add a button to the end where you want to finish and a teleporter to where you want to start. All you need to do for the teleporter is to change the Visible In-Game setting to no and the Teleport Here When Receiving On to CLICK (You can change the word click to anything you want). Now set the visible in game setting on the button to no, and set When Button Pressed, Transmit On, and set it to click2. Now place a button on the side of your museum and make its settings this:

Now place a teleporter inside the building and change its settings to this:

Now you finished the vent way!

The bomb way.

To make this, you want to add a barrier to your open entrance and make it a dark gray like this:

Now make a TNT strip by placing a dark wooden pole and tinting it red and make it smaller. Copy that and tint it black, then copy the red one and keep it red. Now it should look like this:
Make sure to set the wooden poles to Visible On Game Start to No. Now make a button and set the settings to this:

Now wire up the button to each wooden pole like this:

Now make another button and make the settings this:

Now wire up the buttons like this:

Now wire up the new button to the wooden poles to hide them. Then, wire the new button to the barrier to deactivate it. Now, you finished the bomb way!

Step 3: The guards.

For this step you need to add a Zone inside your museum. Change the zone settings to this:

Now place a sentry (or more) You can change any of the sentries settings but in the channels option put the settings to this:

You can add any amount of sentries, but for me, I’m going to add three.

Step 4: The item.

Alright, so you can change the item to WHATEVER PROP YOU WANT, but for me I’m going to use the Fork and tint it yellow [255, 255, 0]. Add a button and make its settings this (You can change the message to whatever you want):

Now place an item granter, and make it’s settings this (You can change the amount of cash to anything):

Now place a End Game and change End the game when receiving on to the grant channel we made earlier. Now, we finished the tutorial.


!!! BOMB!

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Noice guide love how we can rob the museum >:D


Thanks! (It’s super simple, but it looks clean, also, to make it look better you can add text on the black pole and make it say TNT, and add some more text boxes and make them say , and add them to the top.)

Thanks! But yeah the best part is the robbing.

cough sorry I get a bit excited when someone mentions “bomb”

Lol, but don’t defuse it this time!

Me too. >:)

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Nice guide!

accidentally sets off tnt



please @GimAI /gimai_rate

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Mine is finished.

I’ll rate it. Give me a moment.

not if I help it :policeman: :red_circle: :blue_square: (why do I always have to be the cop)

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time to get on my Baklava mask, ITS TIME TO ROB A MUSEUM! :smiling_imp:

Great guide!


wuh oh… Thats not good

@Captain-Gim rating 7/10. Now I’m not the biggest guy on this type of gamemode, but I’ll not let that get in the way:

What you did good on:

  • Credits
  • Organization

What needs improvement:

  • The closing, because there isn’t one
  • A thing I like to see and do is bold the words inbetween pictures to see them better

Be more excited

This could go into more detail


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oooo u got the season ticket i c

OK, thanks for the tips! Next time I make a guide, I’ll work on that.