I need help with some ideas for my game (Legends Of Gim)

I ran out of Ideas for my game does anyone have any?

What is it about?
If you don’t know then try:

You can use these two topics for game ideas and what to add to them:

It’s basically where you wake up in this random cave and you can’t remember where you are or who you are and your goal is try to kill the Gim King to win the game.

Oh then do you need terrain design, mechanics, or what???

Well, you can add bounties and quests and a level-up system. The max level would be 100, and once you get there, maybe use a popup or waypoint to have the final levels.

How to make a Level/EXP System! (IN GAME ONLY!), and the illusion of getting stronger! 4/10 or :yellow_square:

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terrain designs to just add around the map, cause rn the map looks really boring

Yeah here is some ideas: How to make a working Bounty system | Difficulty 2/10 {Updated}{Second Attempt}
==The Dungeon Crawler Guide== (Part One - 🟩)
or The Main Functions For An RPG Map


Yeah, those would be good.

You guys are awesome thx!


No problem…

No prob.

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