The Main Functions For An RPG Map


So there are many functions or needs if you may, that are required if you want to make a good RPG map. Here, in this guide, it will be explained

A Theme:

You always need a theme of some sort. Without a theme, there would be no game. You could make it sorta Medieval-like or something, but no matter, you also need a theme.


You always need quests, they make the game have a goal and make it interesting. They could be anything, as long as they receive a reward, and it’s challenging.

Side Quests and Details:

You always need details, like maybe in a gym, you have bicycle racks and basketballs. Not for gameplay, just for cool details that show you put in effort. You need side quests to make the quests fun while trying, like when you have to find treasure, maybe you have to find the map first, but the map is easier to find. Also, the map isn’t necessary, just makes it easier to find the treasure.


Now this one isn’t necessary but it’ll help to have difficulty levels for the player to choose from so it’s the right amount of toughness that they desire!


It’s sort of like the theme, but a little different. They explain WHY you’re doing this quest. For example, going back to the treasure hunt, the storyline might be because you need the gold and you’re poor.


You always need characters, and interactions to give more action to your game. Like maybe there’s a merchant. Or maybe (example again), In the treasure hunt, you speak to someone and they help you find the treasure.


In conclusion, RPGs are fun and simple as long as you follow these instructions!


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Good job so far! Maybe link some guides to help!

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How to make a Hunger Bar (WIP)
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I tried Unity for a while but couldn’t get the hang of it. Prob because the only and I think default language there was C#. I only knew Python and scratch.


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Nice guide, @GimSolver!

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