More ideas for my Stardew Valley remake

Stardew is basically a top down farming sim.

I suggest a unique NPC system. In actual stardew, you have a friendship rating with each NPC and a gifting system.

Also: don’t name it stardew, it will get taken down for copyright.

oh wait now I know what that is


It is probably impossible to randomize cave generations, and it would take a lot of work. I would recommend just scattering a few around the map that respawn instead of randomize

starnew valley :open_mouth: definitely not stardew valley

what about Stargim Valley, or Gimdew Valley?

Maybe add some side quests and add some custom MPCs, or maybe some bounties.

I’m pretty sure you already have this but if you don’t then Crafting table<Farmplot.

try the functions in farmchain for ideas.

Yeah: Replicating Gimkit Gamemode Gimmicks: Farmchain [Difficulty 2/10 🟩]

Gimdew valley is actually exactly what i named it

thata funny, I was just naming names.

i stated this in the last post, but for the npcs, use sentries. Put a button on the sentry that opens a pop-up, making it seem like the npc will be talking to you. wire the pop-up to a counter, so that every time the pop-up opens, in increments a counter. when the counter reaches the target, make the dialogue on the pop-ups different, more friendly.
this will simulate the trust building.


I think you should add romanceable ai’s (LOL)

And a guy who has a lot of poems. Ask me and I can write one.

New sneak peak of part of the farm!

What about the wizard? Have you started making him?

not yet unfortunately but ill get working on it when I’m finished with the beach and the town!

Can I help with the map and you share the code on

Correct link:

i’ve tried before (despite never actually playing the game) and you want:

  • randomizers because i think there was fishing and mining involved
  • crafting tables for farming (obviously)
  • sentries (memory warning) for npcs and enemies (if the latter applies here)
  • um, i have to play the game