How to make a working Bounty system | Difficulty 2/10 {Updated}{Second Attempt}

Its a randomised bounty for killing someone
I didn’t know I could do this Since I don’t know code but I CREATED MY FIRST ORIGINAL BLOCK CODE

But here is how to do it

First you need an knockout, notification and a Waypoint
Screenshot 2023-11-30 5.10.30 PM

Now you make a channel called bounty and put it on the knockout Manager
Screenshot 2023-11-30 3.14.54 PM

now You Want to open notification and need to do this block code but You can put less or more than I did based on how random you want the bounty to happen

Next you do this

lastly you do this

{this is Updated quite a bit}

And If I sounded clear enough you should have a randomised Bounty Creator


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I Made this once and this is my 2nd Attempt since I updated it

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nice job!


Nice Guide! This is interesting, I always want to make a game mode for almost every single guide but I know there’s a limit so :sob:


Does the block code go in the notification? You should probably put that in

Yes, I’m pretty sure because the Send Notification block can only come from the Notification’s For This Device tab/gate.

Ok, yeah that’s what I thought

How would I do it so if the bounty gets knocked out, they drop cash and how do I make them the bounty when they have killed 3 actual people?

I am yet to figure that out =( please be patient

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Good job I will put this in my map

You don’t need the other else if’s. Only the Bounty =5 because it is the only one which does anything, unless you randomize the reward.

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so, you can’t do it with people then?

Do what with people? If you explain it better, I could probably help you!

I mean put the bounty on a player

No, it could work. You would need a lifecycle/KO manager, depending on which one has the “player knocks out” setting.

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ok i’ll try doing that.

I think you should add a player random chooser

Poll for if you wanna or not:

  • Yes
  • No
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Bro this topic of mine is dead now do not reply to it

Then why didn’t anyone say so?