Replicating Gimkit Gamemode Gimmicks: Farmchain [Difficulty 2/10 🟩]

Hay there and welcome to a guide on how to make farming similar to Farmchain.

1x Button
1x Checker
3x Item Granter
1x Popup
1x Wire Repeater

Step 1. Create a landscape that is suitable for farming (Like a place full of dirt)

Step 2. Place a button somewhere in the farming area.

Step 3. Open the Buttons Settings and set the settings to this:

Step 4. Get a Popup device and set the settings to this:

Note: You don’t need to include the Secondary Call to Action Settings.

Step 5. Get out a Checker Device and Set the settings to this:

Note: You don’t need to put a channel for the “When Check Fails, transmit on” box.

Step 6. Get out a Wire Repeater, and wire the Checker to the Wire Repeater (Check passes - Repeat the Wire Pulse!)

  1. Enter the Wire Repeaters settings and set the delay to any number you want.

  2. Get out a Item Granter and set it to grant 1 Corn, then, wire the Wire Repeater to the Item Granter. (When the wire repeater receives a pulse - Grant item)

  3. Get Two more Item Granter and set both of their settings to this:

Granter A:

Granter B:

And your done! Anything to say? Tell me in the reply’s! Wait, haven’t I said that before?

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Noice guide!

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cool guide.

Nice guide!

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Nice guide! This is helpful for the game I’m making. :smile:

  1. you forgot to check for water
  2. how did yours look so simple yet my system looked like this:


then that means i’m stupid but he still forgot the negative water granter

you no
smart is you

every second of my tragic existence is pure agony


@eiqcrmeliutgwhc LOOK

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bump and again, how does this system look so simple and mine turned out like this:

did you recreate the entire map or just the stuff

just farming. johan’s version didn’t have a bunch of wiring and now i’m sitting here wondering what i did wrong to achieve this (wiring) mess

maybe use some channels or space it out more?

How do you do it for 6 crops? @vqnillaxx

use multiple popups, but this guide and the one before it (my guide) are invalidated by the crafting table device


you used wires not channels

this is really outdated holy moly

yeah, all farming guides can be replaced with a crafting table

and for some reason it took me 5 months to realize i made a farming guide first

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