I need to know how to make a game like Farmchain

I need help on how to make a Farmchain game. Got any ideas?

You basically use vending machines, and farming plots its simple gamemode…
i don’t really know what else to say about this one as I dislike farmchain and its hard for me to elaborate on something I dislike extremely and is annoying in the extreme to me.

Could you elaborate on that please?

farmchain but also the new crafting table device

So you can try making a text adding an emoji that is like a apple or something and then making it visible and then not visible and then like @Foxy said you could try the crafting table to make a different seeds…

I’m not sure how Farmchain works. If you explain it I can figure out some text mechanics to make it.

so you answer questions to earn energy that energy can get you water you plant seeds and earn money and then you do research to earn new seeds

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Don’t forget the special seeds, upgrades, lottery machine, and junkyard!

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The guides that have been made on it could help you:

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