How to multiply cash in my farmchain game?

Does it multiply the amount of money you earn?

yes, i need it to be multiplied to cash

Use properties. It can be multiplied. And just track an item as a property using inventory item manager.

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maybe this will work i havent tested it

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Example. When receiving on message, make it so the property money will be multiplied however you want.

But tried what beluga whale said up above.

can you give pictures about it or how to do it? sorry, i need to get a breakdown of how to do that.

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Have you tried to look for guides?
This might help:

no, this is not what i am looking for.


yea i tried it and it worked but you have to put a specified amount for it to double

Basically, let me show you how. When receiving a channel, make it so take this thing out of the math section, the + but change the plus to multiply. Then do get property then your property, I guess money, so its money X ___

Then second blank will be how much u wanna multiply. example, x2.


Hopefully that helped! use an inventory item manager and put it cash and then in properties section make it update the property, cash or money or whatever. but get down a property device and make its name.

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Yep. Thats what it is.

Mark beluga as solution! if it works, of course.

should i do a guide?

or would it be too small for a guide

Nah. Would be too short + I think there’s already some guides. Anyways I’ma work on my guide.

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