How to multiply cash in my farmchain game?

I am a fellow new Gim, well, not really. I have been scouting all over this Gimkit forum to look at how to multiply cash as a vending machine upgrade(s). If you don’t know what I am talking about, I am trying to make a remastered version of Farmchain, and how to do the cash berry shop thingy. I already have the lottery system added which was really difficult for me as in block coding, but after that I am pretty okay with what to do, but pictures of how to do it would help better. Please help me out and others, if there is a Farmchain guide for this and I am just not observant, put the link below this because I will be checking on it weekly

welcome @GimkitLuvuh

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welcome @GimkitLuvuh

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there is no icon for it if you were wondering

hello, Beluga whale, how are you?

i think there is. it’s icons/add cash or icons/multiply cash

What exactly do you want this to do? I have never played farmchain lol

I want to make a farmchain map, but i cant find a guide for the cash berry shop, where you basically multiply cash in a vending machine

nvm there is
icons/Multiply Cash

So it costs twice as much?

what if you wire a vending machine or use channels to use an item granter so it can allow you to do blockcode

basically yes. I was planning on making multiple vending machines that multiply more and more money with cash berries

too hard, i need explanation or pictures of what im doing

i mean i can do blockcode, just give the pics of how to do it

Does it multiply the amount of money you earn?

yes, i need it to be multiplied to cash

Use properties. It can be multiplied. And just track an item as a property using inventory item manager.

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maybe this will work i havent tested it

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Example. When receiving on message, make it so the property money will be multiplied however you want.

But tried what beluga whale said up above.

can you give pictures about it or how to do it? sorry, i need to get a breakdown of how to do that.

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