I need help creating a shop Gui

I am making an escape room game and I need a shop Gui for perks and starting upgrades like speed or extra damage.

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First of All, what’s a shop Gui?

@Lynx # Shops: A Guide………

A Gui is an interactive “popup”

Its a menu that shows you what you can buy from a shop.

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It stands for Graphic User Interface, there’s a lot of guides here if you look around. (talking to OP)

That doesn’t really matter anymore lol.

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Umm… I thought you were going offline, also, you’re not first in given for likes this week

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Not Really what I’m looking for.

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ok i will find some thing else

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How to make forever lasting speed boost when buying it with or without a pop-up shop

I think this might work.

If so, then mark a solution to avoid clutter. Please and thank you!

Don’t forget this guide as well.


Thanks so much this really helps

You’re welcome (I know I didn’t really do anything, but I think I speak for us all)! These forums are meant to help people and this is the perfect example. I hope you enjoy your time here and contribute to the community!

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Yeah, get creative. This is Gimkit CREATIVE after all! Can’t wait to see what you can do @Lynx!

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